The environment, our daily priority!

logo environementGlobe has been particularly aware of sustainable development for a long time.

It has undertaken specific campaigns for several years now. These voluntarist campaigns are just a beginning because other ecological and fair-trade projects are also currently under development.




Here are a few examples that demonstrate our contribution to caring for our planet:

  • logo arbre sur terreUse of photovoltaic solar panels over the whole surface area of the company.
  • Use of ECO2 vehicles
  • Returnable and reusable bottles.
  • Bottles recycled at the end of their life
  • Bottle tops are recycled.
  • Beakers are 100% biodegradable (made from maize).
  • IT programme to optimise our delivery rounds and keep the number of useless kilometres to the minimum
  • No transport required between the spring and the bottling facility
  • Etc.