Our Water

From the spring to the bottle

The processing of our ‘Château de Genval’ water takes place on our Genval bottling line. We use no intermediaries and everything we do is based on great respect for the environment. We use reusable and recyclable bottles that contain no BPA.

This exceptional and natural water has all the characteristics of 100% mineral water with the presence of some mineral salts and oligoelements, and it offers totally original purity. There is no limit to the volume you can consume of this drink that is so indispensable and essential to a well-balanced organism.


The Globe ‘Château de Genval’ water is a natural oligomineral or low mineral content water that is pure and light and that comes from a spring in the heart of the Brabant Ardennes. It is collected at more than 30 metres depth at a protected site where stocks are regenerated in rocks that are thousands of years old. Its low sodium content makes it ideal for people on a low-salt diet. This water contains no nitrates or nitrites and is extremely pure.


Each new production cycle is subject to a bacteriological analysis based on three samples taken at the beginning, the middle and the end of the bottling procedure. It is kept in quarantine for 72 hours until the laboratory gives its green light. After confirmation, the bottles are made ready for distribution.



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